Fuston's Nursery

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A Brief History of Fuston’s Nursery

      Fuston’s Nursery has been in business for 39 years, beginning  operation in the spring of 1979. When we started growing nursery in 1979, we grew about 4-5 varieties and increased to 28-30 varieties of trees and shrubs.  As the years past, every year we would sell partial blocks of all varieties except one – pears.

       So we started growing fewer and fewer varieties to make room for more pears.  No matter how many we grew, it was never enough and we always had to turn down orders.  So by growing fewer varieties, we had room to grow more pears, and by 1992, we were growing all pears, ages 1-5 years old, bare root and B&B (balled and burlaped). B & B sizes range from 1 ½” cal. up to 3 ½” cal. with ball sizes from 18” to 34” and our bare root sizes are from 2' to 6' and 2 yr. branched.

     At the present time we are growing over 60,000 for bare root sales and over 25,000 for B & B sales.

     We are state certified & and ship all over the U.S. and sell several local nurseries here in Tennessee.

      By growing only Bradford, Cleveland, and Aristocrat pears we can devote all our time to providing our customers with the best quality while still providing the lowest cost anywhere because of our volume sales of only handling 3 varieties.

We are a small family owned operation but pride ourselves in quality and customer service.


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